March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
We go two races off today because lun...more »

March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
One hell of a day. The breeze blew fr...more »

Our Mission

Chessie Jr. Racing/Team Tsunami has been developed to give middle and high school age children the opportunity to learn how to enjoy and handle a keel boat, with modern sail configuration, modern electronics, and one design competition, while racing and practicing as a team. A J/105 has been elected to specifically meet the needs.
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Our Model
Team Tsunami was created by the sailors racing with the Tsunami Syndicate. In year two a second J/105 was provided to the program from Storm Trysail Chesapeake Station, thus the program became Chessie Jr. Racing. Keeping with the original intent Chessie Jr. Racing saw a need for the juniors in the Annapolis area to acquire skills on a keelboat and to have the resources to participate in local competition. To make the experience more productive and fun for the juniors Chessie Jr. has hired instructors for training. A curriculum has been developed so any level of junior will acquire the necessary skills. All skill levels of juniors are invited to join the team and they will be trained to become competent boat hands on a keel boat. Team members that desire to compete on the local and national level will be encouraged to do so.

Our ultimate goal is to train Annapolis juniors to enjoy sailing and/or racing and to be competent sailors as they grow older. With all levels of sailors participating in the program we provide training for casual racing through national level competition. Young sailors can decide which level is right for them.
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The Team
A roster of 50 active sailors is developed from children of the community who show interest in joining this program. The age bracket of children is 13-18. There is no skill level requirement to become a member of the crew. There will be no cost to become a member of this program other then a minor administrative fee.
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The focus of Chessie Jr. during the summer is to compete in the AYC Wed Night series. The team members for each evening are responsible for preparation, racing and cleanup of the boat. All members of the team will have an opportunity to compete at each station of the boat. (skipper, tactician, foredeck, pit, mast, main or jib trimmer, etc). After races a BBQ is provided by the parents and a guest lecturer from the Annapolis area will cover a specific topic pertaining to sailing a big boat.

Outside of the Wed Night Series Chessie Jr provides Monday evening practices, bay races, overnight races and a fall sailing program for the sailors who want to work as a structured team to sail against the local and national teams in the J/105 class.
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As Chessie Jr. enters into its third year, the syndicate personnel want to maintain a strong showing with the local fleet with team work participation while maintaining the fun camaraderie of the wed night series for training new sailors. In an effort more day long bay races, overnight races and team practices will be added to the schedule, the Annapolis fleet members will be approached for placing the kids as crew members, and the Wed night lecture/BBQ series will be continued. Furthermore the sailors who want to sail on the national level will be required to perform a select amount of race committee duty days with the local clubs.

One of the other goals of Team Tsunami is to compete against other junior teams in the US. The syndicate personnel are working to locate other junior big boat programs in the US to work with. Another of the 2008 goals is to create a jr. match racing regatta on J/105s for teams from around the country. Through US Sailing and word of mouth they are hoping to create exposure to interest other programs or syndicates to explore the development of a junior big boat program in their area.
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Chessie Jr relies on the volunteer base established from local sailors, Storm Trysail Chesapeake members and the parents of the participants to keep the level of training and equipment top notch. There are many ways of volunteering from providing the food for the BBQs to being a safety officer, coach, speaker or maintenance person. Chessie Jr. is also a 501c3 charitable organization actively seeking funds to maintain the boats as competitive racing boats.
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