March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
We go two races off today because lun...more »

March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
One hell of a day. The breeze blew fr...more »


May 24, 2006
By: Harry Scott
It was a long night to start out with, beginning with leaving the jib at the North Loft, luckily we left the dock early enough we were able to make it over the sail loft and pick up the sail and back to the start with time to spare. The engine was on until about the 4 minute gun due to the lack of wind. Tonight was especially tricky because we all felt the wind was doing 360’s around the boat. We made our decision to start at the pin, because of the current going out and the “wind” coming out of the Severn River, repeating a start that we have managed to pull off before. We were able to hoist the kite just after the gun and get our bow out in-front of the fleet catch the wind. The wind then went farther forward making us now have the lead heading for the mark. Then we were forced to take the spinnaker down and drift toward the mark “upwind.” After a few “tacks” we were right at the mark, but on the wrong side with the current. We ended up against the mark, got out of harm’s way and did a 360. By now the wind had completely shut off, and the boats were getting swept out of the river. This actually gave us a big advantage because we were still just above the mark, making it easy for us to slip just inside the clump at the mark. We rounded the mark, (by now the wind had done a 180 and we were on our way back downwind) jibed, and set the spinnaker again. We went toward Back Creek for a while and Jibed about 200 yards later. We made this decision so that we could get out of the bad air of the other competitors. We were now sailing in clear air toward the mark. By now the wind was back up to about 5 knots. We made it to the red can that we have to honor before turning into the harbor, and took the spinnaker back down. We went into the harbor with about 3 other J105’s and one just above us. This was a huge disadvantage for us because the only way that we were going to have wind was to go right next to SSA in about 3-4 knots. But for us, we had to take the low route just behind the first line of anchored boats in the harbor. We were able to get out of the anchored boats, but not in time. The wind died and we drifted for about 20-30 minutes before crossing the finish line.