March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
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March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
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September 05, 2007
By: Lorie Stout
Chessie Jr Racing – Summer 2007
            One of our junior sailors approached me to thank all those that helped make the Chessie Jr Racing Program so successful this year. I took a moment to think about those who contributed and came to the conclusion that it truly is a village that made it so successful. There are so many dedicated Annapolitans contributing to this program.
            First I will start with the boats, thanks to Preben and Katherine Ostberg and Kevin  and Amanda McNeil for providing the equipment and foresight to develop this program. Also thanks to the Storm Trysail Chesapeake Station and the Team Tsunami Syndicate for funding the program. From there we have many different divisions that make up the organization.
            Nan Walker reached out to instructors, friends, SSA members, and Storm Trysail members to provide a coach and safety officer on each boat on a weekly basis. Here is the list of coaches and safety officers: Todd Beatty, Peter Carrico, Melissa Trost, Brent Ostbye, Sue Mikulski, Bryan Boyd, Mike Hobson, Vince Franco, Jeff Todd, Todd Lochner, Renee Mehl, Maurice Lethbridge, Chip Carr, Sergie Lei, Tom Weaver, Regan Weaver, Angus Phillips, Jennifer Sturmer, Bruce Mundle, Rob Pennington, Ian Burman and Lorie Stout.
            Will Keyworth put together the lecture series with experts in the Annapolis community focusing on their areas of expertise. We had Tom Weaver, Bill O’Malley, Dick Neville, Will Keyworth, Jahn Tihanisky, Renee Mehl, Matt Beck, Tarry Lomax, and Jonathan Bartlett speak. Other educational material was put together by Mike Hobson.
            Tom Weaver took on the responsibility of maintaining Team Storm Trysail while Bud Dailey took on the responsibility of maintaining Team Tsunami. They were assisted by professionals and professional services around the Annapolis area including Muller Marine, Jabins Boat Yard, North Sails, Atlantic Spar and Rigging, Ian Gordon, Peter Carrico, Tim Fetsch, Fredrik Salvesen, Rob Pennington, Chris Patterson and Christian Graff.
            For the weeks when we had too many sailors sign up we were able to reach out into the fleet and find some boats for the sailors to “shadow” on. The skippers who graciously accepted sailors are – Rod Jabin of Ramrod, Bud Dailey of Tsunami, Kevin McNeil of Frequent Flyer, Tom and Steve Ripley of Bad Fish, Kevin Ryman of J/Port and Jahn Tihanisky of J/World. Powerboats were also utilized as spectator/coach boats courtesy of Chip Carr, Severn Sailing Association, Preben Ostberg and Box of Rain Foundation.
            Other sailing opportunities were made available on Thursday evening through the Charles Schwab Junior Sailing Cup. Without the Charles Schwab crew of Andrew Coyne and Guillaume Seynhaeve and the J/World staff of Carole Jordan and Dan Wittig we would not have been able to offer twice as many coached sailing opportunities.
            The Wednesday evening BBQ’s were a huge success because the parents did a wonderful job of organizing and providing food. The parents also did a great job of insuring their sailors were signed up for the races and that they arrived on time. That is just to mention a few of the ways the parents contributed. There were many other ways that parents contributed.
            Our marketing effort was made possible by George Collins, Jim Allsopp, Dave Dunigan, Preben Ostberg and Herrmann Advertising. We cannot forget the photos and write ups by sailors and parents that are shared with the world on our web site,
            Chessie Jr Racing is truly a community program with great support from sailors, parents, businesses, the J/105 fleet, area yacht clubs, Storm Trysail and friends of the Annapolis area. I am very grateful to be part of this village.
Many thanks to all for a great season, Lorie Stout