March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
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March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
One hell of a day. The breeze blew fr...more »


November 30, 2006
Russell Cramer sailed Team Tsunami to her first victory in a race on Sunday!

Both races on Sunday started at Triton Light heading out towards the bay. The next mark was positioned about 200 yards away from the Spider buoy, and then we came into the harbor. The breeze direction at the start was 130 while the direction at the first mark was 190, consequently there was a huge right bend in the breeze as we sailed towards the mark. Wind velocity was 5-6 knots with some very light breeze and puffs in the harbor. Our rig setting was base which felt fine until the harbor doldrums. There was little to no current in the first race, slight flood in the second race.

Race 1 on Sunday started out with a start in bad air. After tacking out for the right Team Tsunami caught up a few boats but lost them as they crossed the fleet to the left in search of more breeze, unfortunately the left also came with a huge right lift which we were on the outside of. At the top mark there was one boat behind us. The reach to Can 1 proved to be helpful to our positioning, a couple of boats in front of us gybed out into the Severn and ended up sailing a much further coarse, consequently we were able to pass them before the next mark. Ben Sturmer trimmed the jib and he did an awesome job. At first he was not sure what he needed to do, but after some instruction he was flying the jib while Russell weaved up and down to play the puffs. The sail into the finish was pretty much a drag race.

Race 2 also started in bad air. We had a tendency to set up late and behind someone who we thought would have to run down the line. Because it took longer to get speed up the boat in front didnít need to run down the line and we never got to the line. I would say we started a boat length off. Again we had to tack out for clear air, which we were the second boat to head to the right. After learning our lesson from the first race Bryan decided to aggressively play the right. Our first tack out was to avoid the shoal pole. From this point Bryan trimmed the main to centerline and we got lifted just to the weather mark. There were 2 boats inside of us but with boat speed we passed one and at the mark we passed the other. Now we are in first coming back to the harbor. All the boats were very close but we maintained a controlling position and were able to lead the fleet to the finish. Congratulations go to Russell, Bryan and Ben for a job well done.

The lessons of the day that I learned were:
1 - The J/105 does not accelerate very fast, especially in bad air. Do not find yourself too far away from the line or tack too close to the gun. Leave at least 45 seconds to get to speed before the gun.
2 Ė The boom on centerline makes for pointing ability if there is enough wind to pull the boom in. In 5-6 knots there is plenty of wind. Also, look down the boom to see if it is at centerline, sometimes it is deceiving.