March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
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March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
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November 12, 2006
By: Coach Peter / Bryan Fishback
Photos from 12 November Frostbite Race #3.

The photo 12 Nov Frostbite (8) was taken just after the start of the first race on Sunday. TEAM Tsunami is the boat that has the all white jib with horizontal battens on the right with the red foul weather gear. The pin was heavily favored, but the cluster there caused some chaos at the start.

Most of the boats at the start set-up by reaching into the right start mark while the second boat was blocked out as they were barging and many of the boats had to slow down as they were barging also.

Clear air toward the middle of the line paid off despite the heavily favored right start mark.

The amazing thing is that TEAM Tsunami was 2nd around the windward mark showing incredible boatspeed upwind. Photos 10-15 show the large incremental gains for TEAM Tsunami in a short period just after the start near can "C" in front of the Robert Crown Sailing Center at Navy.

The left paid off with more consistent pressure avoiding some of the larger lulls on the right and one-tacked by banging the left corner at Hospital Point.
There were one or two headers on TEAM Tsunami\'s track that were worthy of tacking but the more consistent pressure on the left paid off as potentially the more conservative route.

Slight wrinkles in the jib and pronounced wrinkles in the main for pointing and depowering with the rig set up for wind strength higher than reality was good for not having any crew sitting on the rail.

As the temperature gets lower, the wind becomes denser where depowering settings will occur at lower wind speeds.

In photo 12, boat 202 DOGHOUSE ended up 7th in that race, and TEAM Tsunami beat them to the windward mark!

Boat 201 JUPITER that was ahead of TEAM Tsunami and JUPITER ended up 9th !

Boat 501 TENACIOUS was the boat that won the right start mark and kept the lead the entire race.

Great job Nick, Conner Todd Dinna & Brian!


Coach Pete,

Thanks for the photos and critique. We had a great time and thanks to TEAM Tsunami for letting a couple of seniors on board. The one thing I would say is; we did not understand the starting sequence before we went out. So, our ignorance combined with some garbled radio transmissions led to a very late start. Don\'t let this happen to you. In general, we felt very fast upwind with the rig set at the +18kt setting. Also, don\'t forget to put the backstay back on hard after the leeward mark (another senior moment that caused us some lost distance).