March 16, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 Day 3 (final)
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March 15, 2008
J/22 Team Putnam - Midwinters 2008 day 2
One hell of a day. The breeze blew fr...more »


October 01, 2006
By: Coach Pete
You should have seen TEAM Tsunami on the race course today!

Upwind they were very very fast!

The J105ís started 5 minutes after us in PHRFA2 and they were the 1st J105 around the windward mark ( I thinkÖ).

Mophilia was in the lead at the bottom of leg 2

The last leeward mark was a clean move for TEAM Tsunami.

The cluster was HUGE. It turned into a massive parking lot, and TEAM Tsunami got away clean. This is probably why they extended on the fleet remaining in second at the top of leg 3.

At the last windward mark TEAM Tsunami did a gybe set (which was what to do on the 1st windward mark) and that took them off on a big lift.

TEAM Tsunami occasionally had the spinnaker overtrimmed going downwind, but only lost two very well sailed boats on the last downwind leg.

Iíll be calling the team individually to congratulate them on the good work.

4th out of 26 Ďaint bad at all!

Congratulations also for Sue Mikulski with helping the TEAM get off to a great start.

~Coach Pete Carrico